Adding and removing floppy disks

Adding and removing floppy disks

Each virtual machine has a virtual floppy drive that you can use to access a physical floppy disk or a virtual floppy disk. When you create a virtual machine, Virtual Server 2005 configures the virtual floppy drive as attached to no media. To use a floppy disk with a virtual machine, modify the virtual machine's configuration to capture either a physical floppy disk or a virtual floppy disk. For instructions, see Add or remove a floppy disk

Each virtual machine has one floppy drive, which cannot be added or removed. This means that a virtual machine can use only one floppy disk at a time.

Only one virtual machine at a time can use a physical floppy disk, or a writable virtual floppy disk. The first virtual machine to control the floppy disk retains control until the floppy disk is ejected, manually released from the virtual machine, or automatically released when the virtual machine is closed. When the floppy disk is released, control of the floppy disk returns to the host operating system. After control has returned to the host, another virtual machine can control the floppy disk.

More than one virtual machine can use a virtual floppy disk at the same time if the .vfd file is read-only.

A virtual machine can access data from a virtual floppy disk faster than from a physical floppy disk.