Viewing the status of all virtual machines

Viewing the status of all virtual machines

The Status section of the Administration Website Master Status page displays a list of all virtual machines currently configured on Virtual Server that you have permission to view, and the status of each one: running, off, saved, or paused. It also displays the length of time that each virtual machine has been running, and the percentage of total CPU resources that it is using.

You can quickly perform various actions for a virtual machine from this page, as follows:

  • To reorder the list of virtual machines by name, status, running time, or CPU usage, click the appropriate heading.
  • To quickly turn on a virtual machine, or to go to the remote view for a virtual machine that is running, click its Remote View image.
  • To change the state of a virtual machine or go to its configuration page, point to the virtual machine and click the appropriate command.
  • To quickly change CPU resource allocation settings for a running virtual machine, click its CPU Usage image.
  • To change the number of virtual machines displayed in the list, follow the instructions for Master status view in Configuring Administration Website properties.
Virtual Server generates the list of virtual machines that appear in the Status pane from the shortcuts to virtual machine configuration (.vmc) files that are stored by default in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Virtual Server\Virtual Machines. For more information, see Virtual Server folders and files.

For instructions on viewing virtual machine status, see View the status of all virtual machines.