Adding and removing virtual hard disks

Adding and removing virtual hard disks

You can change the virtual hard disks available to a virtual machine by adding and removing them as needed. For instructions, see Add or remove a virtual hard disk.

Each virtual machine includes a virtual IDE adapter with four channels, through which you can attach virtual hard disks, as well as other IDE devices such as CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives (or ISO images). The configuration page for a virtual machine identifies the IDE channel to which a device is attached. The IDE adapter supports virtual hard disks of up to 127 gigabytes (GB). For more information, see Viewing the configuration of a virtual machine.

You can add as many as four virtual SCSI adapters to a virtual machine as optional components. Use of SCSI adapters allows you to increase both the storage size and number of virtual hard disks that the virtual machine can use. For more information about SCSI adapters, see Adding and removing SCSI adapters. For instructions on adding a SCSI adapter, see Add or remove a SCSI adapter.

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