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LicensingMode configures how Terminal Services manages Client Access Licenses (CALs). Two types of Terminal Server Client Access Licenses are available: TS Device CAL or TS User CAL:

  • A Terminal Services Device CAL permits one device (used by any user) to conduct Windows Sessions on any of your servers.
  • A Terminal Services User CAL permits one user (by using any device) to conduct Windows Sessions on any of your servers.

For more information about Terminal Services Licensing modes, see your Windows Server® 2008 documentation.

This setting is ignored unless the Windows Feature AppServer(Terminal Services Application Server) is enabled in the Windows image.




CALs are configured Per Device

Configures Terminal Server to require that each connected client computer has a valid Terminal Server Client Access License (CAL). If the client computer has a Terminal Server CAL, it can access more than one Terminal Server.


CALs are configured Per Session Configures Terminal Server to provide one Terminal Server CAL for each active client session.


LicensingMode is not configured

LicensingMode is an integer. If you enter a value that is not supported, the Remote Connection Manager will not be configured properly. Ensure that the value for this setting matches one of the supported values.

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For the list of the supported Windows editions and architectures that this component supports, see Microsoft-Windows-TerminalServices-RemoteConnectionManager.

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