Client Network Traffic with Exchange 2000

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By Exchange User Education


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This technical article describes how Exchange 2000 consumes bandwidth under different configurations and contains an analysis of traffic between Exchange 2000 and many versions of Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, and Netscape Communicator messaging clients, based on extensive tests. System professionals can use the statistics and information in this article to better understand network bandwidth loading, including how to set up segments, assign users, and extrapolate results for various configurations.


Publication Date: Published in English, July 2001

Number of Pages: 147 pages

Table of Contents

  • Test Lab Configuration

  • Log On and Log Off

  • Directory Access

  • Generic Mail Item Tests

  • Calendaring, Contacts, and Task Items Tests

  • Public Folders

  • Outlook 2000 with Terminal Services

  • Web Storage System

  • Instant Messaging

  • Client Use of Front-end/Back-end Topology and Communications

  • Routing Group Connector