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Returns the hyperbolic sine of a number.


SINH ( number )

Number is any real number.


The formula for the hyperbolic sine is:


Example 1


Description (Result)


Hyperbolic sine of 1 (1.175201194)


Hyperbolic sine of -1 (-1.175201194)

Example 2

You can use the hyperbolic sine function to approximate a cumulative probability distribution. Suppose a laboratory test value varies between 0 and 10 seconds. An empirical analysis of the collected history of experiments shows that the probability of obtaining a result, x, of less than t seconds is approximated by the following equation:

P(x<t) = 2.868 * SINH(0.0342 * t), where 0<t<10

To calculate the probability of obtaining a result of less than 1.03 seconds, substitute 1.03 for t.


Description (Result)


Probability of obtaining a result of less than 1.03 seconds (0.101049063)

You can expect this result to occur about 101 times for every 1000 experiments.