About customizing Meeting Workspace sites

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You can customize the workspace site in many different ways depending on the site group you are assigned to and the rights associated with it.

Ways to customize the workspace site

The Web Parts that display lists and libraries on the home page are arranged in a predefined layout based on the template used to create the workspace site. However, you can change this layout. You can add and remove Web Parts and the lists they are associated with, rearrange parts on the page, and change how they look and behave by setting properties on them. You can also customize the workspace site by creating special views of the content in Web Parts, by adding pages to the workspace site, applying themes, changing the title and description, and in many of the same ways that you customize other Microsoft sites.

However, there are some aspects of the home page that you can't customize. You can't change the order that the home page is displayed in when you have multiple pages in the workspace site, and you can't delete the home page. Once the workspace site looks the way you want, you can also save it as a template to use for a new Meeting Workspace site you create in the future.

Note: Some site designers and developers may be interested to know that a Meeting Workspace site is created using special types of Web pages called Web Part Pages. Help topics about Web Part Pages and Web Parts in sites apply to a Meeting Workspace site, also.

Rights necessary to change the site

If you have the rights to make design changes to the workspace site, the changes will be visible to all the site users. Unlike with some types of Microsoft sites, you can't switch to personal view to customize the workspace site with changes that only you can see. By default, you always customize the workspace site in a shared view. For this reason, the workspace site doesn't offer a way to switch between personal view and shared view.

If you belong to the Administrator site group, you can customize the workspace site using site administration features, too. For example, you can change the Web site to be displayed in a different language or change the rights assigned to a site group.

Note: To customize the workspace site, you must be using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later.

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