About the difference between attendees and users in a Meeting Workspace site

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In a Meeting Workspace site, attendees are those people who are invited to the actual meeting and who are listed in the Attendees list. In any Microsoft site, users are those people who have accounts on a site, which authorizes them to access the site.

Users are listed under the Site Administration area of the workspace site. Attendee names also appear in the user list. However, you might want user names that don't appear in the Attendees list. For example, you may have delegated the job of updating some content on the workspace to an administrative assistant, but that assistant doesn't have to attend the actual scheduled meeting. Therefore, that name wouldn't appear in the Attendees list.

To control what users (and attendees) can do or see on the site, they are assigned by default to the Contributor site group. The Contributor site group has default rights assigned to it. You can optionally assign users to other site groups or change the rights associated with a site group. Whether attendees are added to the user list and automatically granted rights to the workspace site depends on the Meeting Workspace site you are using and how attendees were added.

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