Remove a Meeting Workspace link from a scheduled meeting

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From the workspace site, you can't remove a link that is available in your Microsoft -compatible calendar and e-mail program or a SharePoint event. You must switch to the location you used to schedule the meeting, and then remove the link from there. After the link is removed, the workspace site remains intact.

Do the following to remove the link from a:

SharePoint event

  1. Switch to the SharePoint site where the event is listed.

  2. Edit the event that is linked to the workspace site, and then clear the Use a Meeting Workspace to organize attendees, agendas, documents, minutes, and other details for this event check box.

  3. On the toolbar, click Save and Close .

Microsoft Outlook meeting request or other -compatible calendar and e-mail program

  • For more information, see the Help in that program.

Note: The next time you open the workspace site, a message displays at the top of the page explaining what you can do with the workspace site.