About picture library display styles

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Picture libraries offer three convenient display styles for your pictures: Thumbnail, Filmstrip, and Details. These display styles are available when you are working in the All Pictures and Selected Pictures standard views, or when you create your own views. Switching between display styles is easy, and you may find yourself changing display styles frequently as you organize, manage, and share your pictures. Which display style is best for you to use depends on the task you need to perform.

  • Thumbnail style This style displays miniatures of the pictures in the selected folders so you can see and work with many pictures at once. This style is best for browsing through a large set of pictures to find the ones you want to work with, or when you do not need to see picture details.

  • Filmstrip style This style displays both a strip of smaller pictures you can scan, and a single larger picture you can see in detail. This style is best when you need to manage multiple pictures, but you also need to see a larger version for more information. It may be helpful if the Thumbnail style does not give enough detail to distinguish between similar pictures.

  • Details style This style does not display picture images, but instead displays a table with information about each picture. The columns displayed by default in this style include file type, name, picture size, and file size. This view is best for scanning and comparing file properties, rather than inspecting pictures visually.