Troubleshoot picture libraries

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Viewing and managing pictures

I can't find the picture I am looking for.

A filter may be applied to the picture library, or there may be more pictures on another page. To change filtering options, click Filter in the picture library, or click Next at the bottom of the page to see more pictures.

I can see the picture properties, but I can't edit them.

Switch to the Details display style to edit properties.

I can't arrange pictures in a different order.

Pictures are displayed in alphabetical order by title. If you want to see your pictures in a different order, try renaming them.

I am having trouble uploading a large selection of pictures.

The maximum number of pictures that can be uploaded at one time is 200. Try uploading in batches of 200 or fewer pictures.

I cannot see the second page of my fax.

You can't view additional pages for multiple imagefile types, such as .tif files, in picture libraries.

Sharing pictures

I have a file open on my computer, but I can't send pictures to it.

Verify that file is open and does not have any alert messages waiting for a response. If it's a new file that you created but have not saved yet, save the file first.

Nothing happens when I try to send pictures to a program compatible with Microsoft .

Verify that the program, such as Microsoft Office, is installed correctly.

Editing pictures

I get an error message when I try to edit my pictures.

Verify that you have a Microsoft -compatible image editor, such as Microsoft , installed on your computer.

I finished editing my pictures, but I can't get back to my picture library to see the changes.

When you edit pictures, the image editor opens in a new browser window. Make sure not to close the original browser window, because it has a link that will take you back to your picture library when you have finished editing your pictures.