Add a calculated column

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Add a calculated column to a list or library if you want to create a cell that calculates and displays information from other columns. For example, you can add a calculated column that displays the average of two other columns for each item in a list.

To count any column and perform simple mathematical functions on numerical columns, you can Create a personalized view and use the Totals section to define the way you want to calculate the total for a column.

  1. On the top link bar, click Documents and Lists .

  2. On the Documents and Lists page, click the list, document library, or discussion board in which you want to add a column.

  3. On the page that displays the list, document library, or discussion board, click Modify settings and columns .

  4. In the Columns section, click Add a new column .

  5. In the Name and Type section, in the Column name box, type a name for the column.

  6. Select Calculated (calculation based on other columns) .

  7. In the Optional Settings for Column section, type a description for the column.

    This step is optional.

  8. In the Formula field, enter a formula to calculate the information in this column.


  • Columns that are already part of the list or library appear in the Insert Column list. To include an existing column in the equation, click the item and then click Add to formula .

    You can also type the names of columns manually by enclosing them in square brackets ([ ]). For example, to enter the Title column in the formula, you type [Title] .

  • In your equation, you can use all of the standard math, comparison, and logical operators, such as +, -, /, *, %, ^, >, <, >=, <=, <>, &, OR, NOR, and XOR.

  • To insert text into an equation, place the text between quotation marks. Spaces not in quotation marks are ignored.

For example, to add a calculated column that displays the average of two existing columns (Column_1 and Column_2), you type ([Column_1] + [Column_2]) / 2 in the Formula box.

  • At the bottom of the page, click OK .

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