About using HTML tags for formatting with Netscape Navigator and other browsers

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When using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and later, Microsoft provides convenient tools for formatting and editing text. By default, rich HTML text is enabled for many columns with multiple lines of text, allowing users to take advantage of formatting tools such as font, font color, and background color. If rich HTML text is turned off, site administrators and users belonging to site groups with the Manage Lists right can turn on this feature.

When using other browsers, such as Netscape Navigator, you can also enter rich text formatting by using HTML tags. For example, you can use the <b> </b> tags to applyboldface to text, as in <b>bold</b>. When viewing the page, users will see the proper rich text formatting, such as bold . You can use other HTML tags such as <a href>link</a> for adding hyperlinks. For more information about HTML tags, consult an HTML language reference.


  • For security reasons, blocks certain HTML tags and scripting.

  • wraps text within <div></div> tags to prevent double-spacing. When editing content, enter text between the <div> and </div> tags.