Read, edit, or delete a file in a library

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  1. On the top link bar, click Documents and Lists , and then click the name of the library that you want to open.

  2. Do one of the following:

View a file

  1. On the page that displays the library, click the name of the file.

  2. In the File Download dialog box, click Open .

Edit a file

Note: To edit a file from within a document library, you must have a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services-compatible program, such as Microsoft , and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later installed.

  1. On the page that displays the library, point to the file name to display a down arrow.

  2. Click the down arrow to reveal a menu, and then click Edit in program to edit the file in the program that was used to create it.

    Note: In a picture library, click Edit Picture .

  3. Edit the file as desired, and then save and close the program.

Edit information about a file

  1. On the page that displays the document library, in the row where the name of the file appears, point to the file, click the triangle on the bar that appears, and then click Edit Properties on the menu that appears.

  2. Edit the information as desired, and then click Save and Close .

Delete a file

  1. Point to the file you want to delete, and a drop-down list box will appear. Click the drop-down arrow on the list box, and then click Delete on the menu that appears.

Note: If the site is a Meeting Workspace site, ignore step 1. Instead, from the Document Library Web Part, follow the remaining steps above.