About templates for document libraries

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You can establish consistency among the documents in a document library by specifying a file to use as a template for the library.

The template will open when team members click the New Document command on the page that displays the document library. The template is also available to users of a client program that is compatible with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services. For example, in Microsoft Office XP, the template is available in the New from Templates on my Web Sites dialog box.

Caution: Template files include personal information such as server URLs and user account names. Only share template files with trusted users and groups.

Templates for document libraries can be in any file format that a client program compatible with Windows SharePoint Services can open (.doc, .xls, and so on). However, there are advantages to using a Web-based file format (.htm or .mht) for a template:

  • Team members don't need to have the appropriate client program installed to read a document that's based on a Web page (.htm) or Web archive (.mht).

  • Using the Web Discussions feature, you can attach discussion thread within a document that's based on a Web page or Web archive.

Note: The template for your document library must be stored in the Forms folder of the document library that uses it.