Add a form to a form library

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You can add forms to your form library by filling out a blank form based on the form templateor by uploading previously filled out forms.

  1. On the toplink bar, click Documents and Lists .

  2. On the Documents and Lists page, under Document Libraries , click the name of the form library you want to open.

  3. Do one of the following:

Fill out a form

  1. Click Fill Out This Form , and the form will open in the program it was created in.

  2. Add your information to the form, and then save and close the program.

Upload a previously filled out form

  1. Click Upload Form .

  2. On the Upload Form page, click Browse to find the form you want to add, and then click Open .

    Note: If you want to add multiple forms at once, on the Upload Document page, click Upload Multiple Files .