Relink a form to its form library

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If you rename the form library's form template or change its location, the form template and the forms stored in the form library can become unsynchronized. This can result in problems when working with the forms, such as not being able to open and edit the forms. Because forms must point to the correct version and location of the form template in order to open and function properly, it may be necessary to relink the exisiting forms in the library to the form template. Forms that are not correctly synchronized with the form library's form template are displayed on the Relink page. You only need to relink the forms (.xml files) that reference an old or incorrect form template, although the Relink page may display other file types stored in the library.

  1. On the toplink bar, click Documents and Lists .

  2. On the Documents and Lists page, under Document Libraries , click the name of the form library you want to open.

  3. On the page that displays the form library, under Actions , click Modify settings and columns .

  4. On the Customize page, in the General Settings section, click Relink forms to this form library .

  5. Select the Relink check box next to each form you want to relink, and then click Relink Forms .

Note: The relink feature will not work for forms that were created with a different form template than that of the form library. Move these forms to a form library that uses the same form template before relinking them.