About managing Web discussions

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The Web discussion feature enables users to attach comments to a Web page or to any document that can be opened with a browser (such as .htm, .xls, .doc, and .ppt files). Users can place comments in the document or have them appear in the discussion pane at the bottom of the Web browser window. All comments are stored on the SharePoint site. Anyone reviewing a document can view and reply to comments. The document owner (and reviewers) can then review discussions and incorporate changes based on the feedback received.

Managing discussions involves:

  • Monitoring discussions.

  • Deleting old discussions.

Note: Don't confuse the Web discussions feature with the discussion boards that you can create. A discussion thread is a kind of list that appears in a page of your SharePoint site. It is a kind of online bulletin board where users post topics and reply. The Web discussions feature is used to review files. Web discussion comments appears within the individual files when you view them in your Web browser.