About allowing Workspace site creation

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By default, only users who are members of the Administrator site groupare allowed to create, rename, or delete sites. This helps ensure the security of sites in a Web site collection. However, if many users in your organization use word processing or calendaring and e-mail programs compatible withMicrosoft ,such as Microsoft and Microsoft , you might want to allow users to create Workspace sites for documents and meetings. Workspace sites are specialized sites for developing a team document, or planning and tracking the results of meetings. By allowing Workspace site creation, you make it possible for users to create a Document Workspace site or Meeting Workspace site from within their -compatible programs. This ease of site creation allows convenient collaboration and information sharing. However, as users create many sites, administrators need to use the site quotas and metrics to track usage and delete old sites.

By enabling Workspace site creation for a group of users, yougive the Create Sites and Workspaces right to the selected users orcross-site groups.

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