Copy an existing site group

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  1. On the Site Settings page for the Web site, in the Administration section, click Go to Site Administration .

  2. On the Site Administration page, in the Users and Permissions section, click Manage site groups .

  3. On the Manage Site Groups page, click the site group you want to copy.

  4. On the Members of Site_group_name page, click Edit Site Group Permissions .

  5. On the Edit Site Group Site_group_name page, click Copy Site Group .

  6. On the Copy the Site Group Site_group_name page, in the Site Group Name and Description area, type the name and description for the new site group.

  7. To copy the users from the existing site group into the new site group, select the Copy users from Site_group_name box.

  8. In the Rights area, select any additional rights you want the site group to contain.

  9. Click Create Site Group .