Manage alerts for a top-level Web site

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  1. On the Site Settings page for the top-level Web site, in the Administration section, click Go to Site Administration .

  2. In the Management and Statistics section, click Manage user alerts .

  3. In the Display alerts for menu, click the name of the site user with an alert that you want to delete, and then click Update.

  4. To delete an alert, select the check box next to the alert, and then click Delete Selected Alerts .

Important: When you remove a user from a site after he or she has create alerts, you must manually delete any alerts that he or she has set up. This is also true for any lists or libraries where you change security settings to limit access. If a user has set up alerts for the list or library, he or she will continue to receive them after you change the security settings. It is important to delete these alerts to prevent unauthorized users from having access to site and user information.

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