About site templates

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Members of the Administrator site group and write access to site template gallery can customize a site and save the customized site as a site template, so that other users in the site collection can create similar sites later. When a user creates a new subsites, he or she can choose from the combined list of site templates available on the server or on the site collection. Administrators of a site collection can also import a site template created by another user or software vendor and add the new template to the available site templates in the site collection.

Caution: Template files include personal information such as server URLs and user account names. Only share template files with trusted users and groups.

A site template is a file that includes all of the design information about the site, such as:

  • The lists within a site.

  • Any Web Part Pages within a site.

  • Any custom pages within a site.

  • The theme or borders applied to a site.

  • Any customizations to the Quick Launch bar.

  • Site content (list and document library contents optional).

Site templates do not include the following items:

  • Security settings,such as a list of users or groups with permissions to the site from which the template was created.

  • Web Part customizations made through Modify My Web Part instead of Modify Shared Web Part .

  • Web discussion from the original site.

  • alert from the original site.

  • Web Part assemblies that were added to the original site.

  • Custom site templates when you save a top-level web with its content.

  • Subsites underneath the template site.

You must have the Add Item rights for the site template galleryin order to create a site template. By default, members of the Web Designer and Administrator site groups for a top-level Web site have this right for the site template gallery. Site templates are stored as files with the .stp extension.

About using site templates

Users can create subsites based on templates available on the server or on the site collection. When the user creates a subsite, he or she chooses a template from templates available on the Template Selection page. This page shows all templates available on the server and site collection, filtered by the language that was selected on the Create Subsite page. Although the new subsite is based on the template, you can customize it, just like any other site.

Managing the central template gallery

There is a centralized store of site templates called the central template gallery. This gallery is managed for your entire server or server farm, and can only be managed by using the command-line tool, Stsadm.exe. You must be a member of the local administrators group for the server computer to manage the central template gallery.

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