Changing the Owner of a SharePoint Site

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Windows SharePoint Services
Microsoft Corporation

July 2003

Applies to:
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 2.0


Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services organizes Web sites intosite collections, each of which has a top-level Web site. Thistop-level Web site can have multiple subsites, and each subsite canhave multiple subsites. Because sites are nested in a hierarchywithin the site collection, managing them all can bechallenging.

What happens when a top-level Web site owner leaves yourorganization, or when you must add a user to or remove a user froma site for which you do not have administrative rights? If you arean administrator on the server computer and need to change theowner of a site to which you do not have administrative access, youcan make the change from the SharePoint Central Administration pageor from the command line by using the siteowner operationwith Stsadm.exe.

Note: Members of the localAdministrators group on the server and members of the SharePointadministrators group can perform any task that a site collectionadministrator can perform for a site collection.