Ensuring Access to the Site Collection Web Part Gallery

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Published: February 2004


Learn how to ensure that users have access to the central WebPart gallery in a site collection.


Every site collection includes a Web Part gallery that containsmany commonly used Web Parts. However, users might notautomatically have access to this Web Part gallery.

The site collection Web Part gallery is called Site Title Gallery, where Site Title is the title of the top-level Website in the site collection. It contains Web Parts that areinstalled with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services,such as the Content Editor, Form, Image, Members, Page Viewer, andXML Web Parts.

As a member of the Administrator site group on the top-level Website, you can control access to the site collection Web Partgallery by granting users or site groups permission to use the sitecollection Web Part gallery. When you add users to a default sitegroup on the top-level Web site or a subsite that sharespermissions with the top-level site, they are automatically givenappropriate access to the site collection Web Part gallery.However, you must give users access to the Web Part galleryseparately in the following scenarios:

  • When you give a custom site group permission to customize a WebPart page by granting the Edit Items or Add and Customize Pagesrights.

    Similarly, when you give a custom site grouppermission to personalize a Web Part by granting the Add/RemovePrivate Web Parts and Update Personal Web Parts rights, you mustgive users access to the Web Part gallery separately.

  • When you give a user the Edit Items right for a documentlibrary containing Web Part pages.

  • The following sections will guide you through creating customsite groups and adding users to document libraries, making surethat those users have access to the site collection Web Partgallery.

Note: You must be a member ofthe Administrator's site group on the top-level Web site inthe site collection to perform the procedures described in thistopic.