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I get the error message: Cannot copy <filename>. Theparameter is incorrect

  • Does the file name contain illegal characters? The followingcharacters are not allowed in SharePoint document libraries: / \ :* ? " < > | # <TAB> { } % ~ &

Note: Temporary file namesoften begin with ~ and must be deleted before copying other filesin the folder.

  • Does the file name end in a period or contain two or moreconsecutive periods? You must rename files that end in a period orhave two or more consecutive periods.

  • Does the document have a file extension that is blocked by theserver? Check the list of blocked file extensions in SharePointCentral Administration to verify.

Note: You must be a memberof the Administrators group on the local computer or a member ofthe SharePoint administrators group to access the SharePointCentral Administration pages.

  • Is the file or folder name too long? File and folder namescannot be longer than 128 characters. Also note that the completeURL for the file or folder cannot be longer than 260characters.

I get the error message: Windows Delayed WriteFailed

Do the files exceed the server's maximum upload limit? Ifyou need to upload files with a greater total size than theserver's maximum upload size, divide the upload into separateoperations, or increase the server's upload limit. Also,SharePoint document libraries are not recommended for extremelylarge files. For best performance, the default 50 MB maximum uploadlimit is recommended.

Performance on streamed audio or video files is slow

SharePoint document libraries are not recommended for streamingcontent.

I get the error message: Unable to create scrap/shortcutfile.

Do you have sufficient permissions to copy files to the documentlibrary? To add files to a list or document library, you mustbelong to the Contributor site group, or any site group that hasthe Add Items right.