MS Windows NT Server 4.0 Networking Guide

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This book is dedicated to creating self-sufficient network administrators!

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Patricia Solon, Sharon Tighe

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J. Elise Ellinghausen

Kimberly O'Neal

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Sonia Marie Moore

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Janet Anderson, Marc Genty, Jeff Howard, Jan Jolan James, Chris Kagen, Richard Lerz, Peter Lovejoy, Laura Sheppard, Maureen Sullivan

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Peggy Etchevers

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Nikole Faith

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Cathy Pfarr, Keri Segna, Jeff Weaver, Todd White

Jane Dow, Ronnie Maier, Barbara Sherman

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Karye Cattrell

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Chris Blanton

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Johnni Cutler, Amy Iffland, Casey McGahan, Wendy Salvatori, Gabriel Varela, Sue Wyble, Jan Yeager

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Louis Kahn, Ryan Marshall

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Martin Holladay

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Cliff Hudson

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Ty Carlson

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Pradeep Bahl, John Ballard, Denise Y. Deng, Michele Freed, James Gilroy, Cory Hendrix, John Jacobs, Ian Jose, Bin Li, David S. Loudon, Dave Macdonald, Mike Massa, Dan Perry, Rodger Seabourne, Munil Shah, and numerous other hardworking Windows NT Developers, Program Managers, and Product Support Specialists

Product Support Liaisons
Roger Bruist, Todd Hafer

And special thanks to the following people and companies for contributing to the success of the Windows NT Server Resource Kit interoperability lab:

John Allen, Hal Antonson, Howard Bishansky, Bruce Burns, Gregory DeJarnette, Sudheer Dhulipalla, Paul Donnely, Ken Evans, Alex Foskett, Paul Goode, Elise Hammond, Bob Hyman, Doreen Kindred, Richard Lerz, Georgia Marra, Giuseppe Mascarella, Mark Roy, Serge Sozonoff, Prashanth Viswanath, Sam White, Vaughn Winslow, American Power Conversion Corporation (APC); Bay Networks, Inc.; Crystal Computer Services, Inc.; Digital Equipment Corporation; Eicon Technology; Hummingbird Communications, LTD; Intergraph Corporation; Lantronix Corporation; Octopus Technologies, Inc.; Walker Richer & Quinn, Inc.; Wall Data, Inc.

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