Chant SpeechKit

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Product Description

Talking with your applications is easy when using Chant® speech recognition and text-to-speech components. Chant component software handles the complexities of speech recognition and speech synthesis for your desktop and web-enabled applications.

With Chant component software, you can talk with your applications to fill out forms, query databases, enter transactions, operate GUI controls, ask questions and get responses without having to use a computer mouse or keyboard.

Chant component software works with Microsoft's Speech API (SAPI) and IBM's Speech Manager API (SMAPI). This means you can talk with your application with all the popular speech engines. It uses these APIs transparent to your applications. This obviates the need for your applications to access the APIs directly for speech recognition and speech synthesis capabilities or have to deal with the differences in the APIs. It allows you to easily enhance your existing applications to respond to speech. All you have to worry about is what you want the end user to say, and how you want your applications to respond to it. For engine specific capabilities, your applications can access low-level APIs for engine specific functions.

Download Information

SpeechKit™ for Visual Basic includes Chant ActiveX® components, documentation and Visual Basic samples.

SpeechKit™ for Visual C++ includes Chant ActiveX® components, documentation and Visual C++ samples.

SpeechKit™ for Visual J++ includes Chant ActiveX® components, documentation and Visual J++ samples.

The executable file will automatically start the setup installation program that will prompt you for installation options. You need an evaluation serial number to install the product .

Click here to receive your serial number and to download the appropriate Chant component software. It is required that you complete a short registration wizard.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows® 95, Microsoft Windows® 98, or Windows NT® 4.0 or higher

Microsoft Visual C++® 5.0 or higher, or Microsoft Visual Basic® 5.0 or higher Microsoft Visual J++® 1.1 with SDK 2.02 or higher, or Microsoft Visual J++® 6.0

30 MB free disk space for components, samples, documentation, and speech engines

Pentium 90 MHz or faster

64 MB RAM recommended

SAPI or SMAPI speech recognition and/or SAPI text-to-speech engine. You can download SAPI SDK and Suite (speech recognition and text-to-speech engines) at (SAPI SDK and Suite included with purchased product)

Microphone (microphone headset included with purchased product)

Company Description

Chant is a leading provider of software and services that can help your organization gain competitive advantage with speech technology. Chant can help you identify and implement the most attractive opportunities appropriate for your company and industry.

SpeechKit Features

  • Talk with your applications simply by adding speech components.

  • Enter data directly into any text control using your voice.

  • Drop down menus, invoke menu items, scroll, check boxes, select from lists, and click buttons using your voice.

  • Play wave audio files or synthesize speech from text for windows, dialogs, and message box prompts.

  • Use common dialogs to select files, colors, printers, find and replace text using your voice.

  • Assign key words or phrases that trigger your application to wake-up from a non-recognizing state.

  • Use VU meter to display microphone signal. Use system menu icons that change when recognizing and synthesizing.

  • Recognize and synthesize speech from text for visual and non-visual applications.

  • Automatically enable and disable vocabularies when GUI controls receive and lose focus.

  • Manage speech recognition by dynamically adding, removing, enabling, and disabling, command, grammar, and dictation vocabularies.

  • Leverage multiple sessions with speech engines to accommodate your application architecture.

  • Deploy applications independent of speech engines.

  • Support multiple languages and locales.

  • Support full and half-duplex audio.

  • Recognize from and synthesize to wave audio files.

  • Invoke engine specific API functions, if needed by your application.

Chant is the first company to provide engine-independent middleware for developing desktop, web-enabled, and telephony applications that use speech technology. With the SpeechKit, Chant provides developers a fast path to delivering speech-aware applications.

Contact Information

Chant, Inc.

4712 Admiralty Way
Suite 550
Marina del Rey, CA 90292-6998
Phone: +1 310 410-9895
FAX: +1 310 410-4896
Order: +1 888-824-2688 (+1 888-8CHANT8)
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