Formatting Text as Hyperlinks

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When you add items to lists, you fill out forms with the information that constitutes the list items. Although you cannot format this text to make it bold, italic, and so on, you can format URLs and e-mail addresses so that they are hyperlinks.

For example, if you want users to be able to click a link in the body of an announcement to go to another Web page or to send an e-mail message, you can type the URL or the e-mail address in the Body field in the New Item form of the Announcements list, so that the URL or e-mail address is a live hyperlink.

To type a URL so that it displays as a hyperlink

  • In a text field, type the entire URL, beginning with the transfer protocol, ftp:// or http://.

    Tip You can also type a link to a file located on a network share, such as \\myshare\myfile.htm. An easy way to enter an entire URL into a field is to highlight the URL in your Web browser and copy it, and then paste it into the field.

To type an e-mail alias so that it displays as a hyperlink

  • In a text field, in lowercase letters, type mailto: in front of the alias.

    For example,