Event ID 8231 — UNIX to Windows Password Synchronization Service -- Run-time Issues

Updated: November 14, 2007

Applies To: Windows Server 2008


UNIX to Windows Password Synchronization Service -- Run-time Issues indicates the functionality of UNIX to Windows password synchronization operations.

When Password Synchronization is configured for UNIX to Windows synchronization, and UNIX to Windows synchronization is functioning normally, passwords that are changed on UNIX hosts are synchronized on Windows-based computers and domains. The Password Synchronization pluggable authentication module (PAM) makes this possible by intercepting the password change request on the UNIX host, encrypting the password, and then sending the password change request to the Password Synchronization service running on the Windows-based computers with which it is configured to be synchronized.

Event Details

Product: Windows Identity Management for UNIX
ID: 8231
Source: Microsoft-Windows-IDMU-PSync
Version: 6.0
Message: Error changing password. Password expired for user. %ruser = %1


Make sure that the password has not expired

An error occurred while attempting to change the user's password because the original password has expired. Typically, Windows users with expired passwords contact the domain administrators for their domains, request temporary passwords that will allow them to log on to the network, and then change their passwords. Users of UNIX-based operating systems should contact their UNIX system administrators for temporary passwords or network access.


To verify the functional state of UNIX to Windows password synchronization, retry UNIX to Windows password synchronization. UNIX to Windows password synchronization is fully operational when the password synchronization succeeds, and functioning with warning conditions present if password synchronization fails for some passwords but succeeds for others.

If password synchronization succeeds for some passwords but fails for others, the UNIX to Windows Password Synchronization Service is likely fully operational, but there might be account- or computer-specific configuration problems preventing password changes from being synchronized on UNIX-based hosts.

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