Template Export and Import Scenarios

Updated: February 27, 2008

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

File Server Resource Manager provides command-line tools (dirquota.exe, filescrn.exe, and storrept.exe) that you can use to deploy configuration settings and manage storage resources on multiple computers. Dirquota.exe and filescrn.exe are particularly useful for copying quota and file screen template settings from one computer to another. For example, by deploying the same templates to file servers in all of your branch offices, you can easily manage storage resources throughout your organization that adhere to common quota and file screening policies.

Because templates are exported to a file, you can also export quota and file screen templates as a way to make backup copies of templates that you have created.

We recommend using the following two scenarios to familiarize yourself with quota template export and import using dirquota.exe. (You can use comparable functionality in filescrn.exe to export and import customized file screen templates and file groups.)

  • You need two computers running Windows Server 2008, and both have to be connected to the same local area network (LAN). You will use one as your local computer to export template settings, and the other one as your remote computer where you will import settings.

  • Change the computer name of the remote computer to “REMOTE”. By doing this, you will be able to use the exact commands listed in these scenarios.

  • Install File Server Resource Manager on both computers.

  • Enable the Remote File Server Resource Manager Management exception on the remote computer. This exception can be enabled by using Windows Firewall in Control Panel.

  • You need a domain account that is a member of the Administrators group on both computers.

The following scenario uses dirquota.exe with the template export option to export the settings for a custom quota template to an XML file on the local computer.

  • If you have not already done so, on your local computer, perform the first scenario for testing quota templates (see "Scenario 1: Creating a new template from an existing template" in Quota Management Scenarios earlier in this guide). In that scenario, you name the new quota template 50 MB Limit.

  • On your local computer, open a command prompt using the Run as administrator option.

  • Run the following command to export the settings for the new quota template to the file C:\test.xml:

    dirquota template export /file:C:\test.xml /template:"50 MB Limit"

If you do not use the /template: option to name a quota template to export, settings for all quota templates in File Server Resource Manager are exported.

  • The command will report that the template exported successfully.

  • Verify that the file test.xml was created in C:\. You can open test.xml in Windows Internet Explorer to view the file content.

Once you have exported template settings to an XML file, you can use dirquota.exe with the template import option to deploy those settings to the remote computer.

  • Log on to the local computer with a domain account that has administrative credentials on the local and remote computers.

  • If you have not already done so, perform the first scenario for testing template export and import (see Scenario 1: Quota template export earlier in this guide).

  • A quota template named 50 MB Limit must not already exist on the remote computer.

  • On your local computer, open a command prompt using the Run as administrator option.

  • Run the following command to import the settings on the remote computer:

    dirquota template import /file:C:\test.xml /remote:REMOTE

  • The command will report that the template imported successfully.

  • On the local computer, run the following command to list all the quota templates installed on the remote computer:

    dirquota template list /remote:REMOTE

    Verify that the 50 MB Limit template appears in the command output.

  • On the remote computer, open File Server Resource Manager and verify, under Quota Templates, that the 50 MB Limit quota template is listed.

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