Error Message: Telnet Server allows NTLM authentication only

Updated: November 16, 2007

Applies To: Windows Server 2008

This problem typically occurs when the user's Telnet client is configured to only perform password authentication, and the Telnet server requires NTLM authentication.

The administrator can configure Telnet Server to support NTLM authentication, password authentication, or both. Because password authentication sends the user ID and password in plain text across the network where it could be easily intercepted, it is considered by many administrators to be a security risk, and is disabled. If a Telnet client does not support NTLM authentication, or supports it but is configured not to use it, then the connection attempt is terminated by the server.

Ensure that your Telnet client supports the same authentication types as the Telnet server to which you are connecting, and that those authentication types are enabled.

To enable NTLM authentication, see Configure How the Client Authenticates to a Telnet Server in the Telnet Operations Guide.

To see the authentication types your client currently uses, switch to Telnet command mode, type the command display, and then press ENTER.

To switch to Telnet command mode, see Switch Between Session Mode and Command Mode in the Telnet Operations Guide.

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