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Configure a policy page for a Web site

Updated: September 13, 2007

Applies To: Windows Server 2003 R2

In a Web site that is protected by Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), you can configure a policy page that will be provided to users who request a token for some or all resource partners. The policy page notifies the user of special protections that are in place. To configure the policy page, use the sample policy.aspx file in %systemdrive%\ADFS\SampleFiles to create an .aspx page that contains the appropriate text, and then use the following procedure to configure the Web.config file to open the page during logon.

Perform this procedure on an account federation server or account federation server proxy.

Administrative credentials

To complete this procedure, you must have read-write access to the Web.config file.

To configure a policy page using the Web.config file

  1. Use Notepad or other text editor to open the Web.config file that is located in %systemdrive%\ADFS\sts on the federation server.

  2. Search for <forms> under <logonserver>.

  3. Add or change the <policy> entry under <forms>, as follows:

    <policy> PathToPolicyFileName .aspx</policy>

  4. Save and close the Web.config file.

This setting takes effect immediately for all users that subsequently reach the account Federation Service. However, users who already have a token and do not return to the Federation Service until that token expires are not affected.

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