Monitoring with Microsoft Operations Manager

Updated: June 1, 2008

Applies To: Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Server 2003 with SP1, Windows Server 2003 with SP2

RMS includes a management pack that you can use with Microsoft® Operations Manager (MOM). MOM can help you manage the operations of servers that are in your organization by doing the following:

  • Monitoring events that are placed in the Application event log by RMS.

  • Highlighting events that may indicate possible service outages or configuration problems so that you can quickly take corrective or preventative actions.

  • Alerting you to warnings and errors, such as the expiration of your server licensor certificate or the failure of a Web service.

The RMS management pack (RMS_MOMPack.akm) is installed with RMS in the %programfiles%\Windows Rights Management Services\Tools folder.

This management pack contains the following rule sets, which can be used to help the RMS administrator manage the RMS server deployment.

RMS MOM Management Pack Rules

  1. PMC Measure - Activation Proxy total failures

  2. PMC Measure - Activation Proxy Total time

  3. PMC Measure - Activation Total Processing Time

  4. PMC Measure - Activation Total Reqs

  5. PMC Measure - ActivationProxy total reqs

  6. PMC Measure - AD cache (DB cache) hits

  7. PMC Measure - AD cache (DB cache) misses

  8. PMC Measure - Average License Processing time

  9. Event - Configuration Info corruption

  10. PMC Measure - Dead GC connections

  11. PMC Measure - Enroll failures

  12. Event - General Error

  13. Event - Init Failure

  14. Event - Licensor Cert has expired

  15. Event - Licensor Cert Request Failure

  16. Event - Logging service failure

  17. PMC Measure - Max GC connections available

  18. Event - Missing License Acq Point generation plugin

  19. PMC Measure - MSMQ Queue length on all RM servers

  20. Event - No GCs available

  21. Event - Plugin Init Failure

  22. Event - PrivateKey protection password changed

  23. Event - RM Server Shut Down

  24. Event - RM Server ShutDown Failure

  25. Event - Server Startup Failure

  26. PMC Measure - SubEnroll failures

  27. Event - SuperUser privileged override power was invoked

  28. PMC Threshold - Too Many GetLicensorCert failures

  29. Event - Upcoming Licensor Cert Expiry - 1 Month

  30. Event - Upcoming Licensor Cert expiry - 1 Week