Planning for Dynamic Update in Windows Vista

Planning for Dynamic Update in Windows Vista

Dynamic Update is a feature in Windows Vista Setup that works with Windows Update to download critical fixes and drivers needed for the setup process. This feature updates the required Setup files to improve the process of getting started with Windows Vista. Dynamic Update also downloads device drivers from the Windows Update site that are not included on the Windows Vista operating system DVD, which ensures that devices attached to the computer work. Updates to existing drivers are not downloaded during Dynamic Update, but you can obtain them by connecting to Windows Update after setup is complete.

Dynamic Update downloads the following types of files.

Critical fixes

Dynamic Update replaces files from the Windows Vista operating system DVD that require critical fixes or updates. Files that are replaced also include DLLs that Setup requires. No new files are downloaded—only replacements for existing files.

Device drivers

Dynamic Update downloads new drivers for devices that are connected to the computer and are required to run Setup. Only drivers that are not included on the operating system CD are downloaded.

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