Installing Applications
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Installing Applications

Some OEMs and corporations may be able to expedite the installation of applications by using applications that support the FASTOEM property or the Advertisement option.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) must create their application installations to support these properties.

The FASTOEM property is designed to enable you to reduce the time it takes to install Windows Installer applications. As you are prioritizing your applications, FASTOEM is most appropriate for applications that must be completely installed. FASTOEM is only supported on applications that do not require user interaction.

For additional information, see "FASTOEM Property" on the MSDN Web site.

By using the Advertisement option, the Windows Installer can advertise the availability of an application to users or other applications without actually installing the application. If an application is advertised, only the interfaces that are required for loading and launching the application are presented to the user or other applications. For example, an advertised program will be displayed in the Program Files folder, but when a user runs the application, it is installed on demand.

Advertisements require ISV support. Advertisement options are more appropriate for applications that are less frequently used. The additional benefit to using Advertisements is the ISV marketing and branding opportunity.

For additional information, see the Advertisement option page on MSDN.

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