Add a Group of Users to Your SharePoint Team Web Site

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Adding a group of users has time-saving advantages over adding each user one at a time. In order to add a group, first make sure that your intranet has the group listed under a common network account. You must also have the Administrator role to add team members.

To add a group of users to your Web site based on SharePoint™ Team Services from Microsoft, do the following:

  1. On the top link bar, click Site Settings.

  2. Under Web Administration, click Manage users.

  3. On the Manage Users page, click Add a user.

  4. In the User area, select Add user or group name.

  5. In the Add a user or group name text box, enter your group information as DOMAIN\name.

    Note: For example, Company_Name\Marketing, where the Company Name is the Domain and Marketing is the NT Group name.

  6. In the User Role area, select a role for all the users in your group.

  7. Click Add User.

Note: An e-mail distribution list and an NT group may not be the same. In the cases where they are not the same, you need to add the team members individually or contact your system administrator to create an NT group matching the distribution list.

Note: If you don't see the Manage Users option, you are probably in a subweb that uses the user accounts and roles settings of a higher-level Web site of the server or virtual server. To work with accounts and roles, either go to the top-level Web site, or set up unique permissions for this subweb. See your network administrator.