Achieving Site-to-Site Virtual Private Networking and Perimeter Security in a High Availability Environment with Microsoft ISA Server and RRAS

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Published: May 21, 2001


Organizations that maintain wide-area networks (WANs) are often plagued by high data circuit costs, difficulties of hiring suitable staff to decipher complex technologies, and the lack of a strong, consistent security perimeter. By embracing frame relay and "point to point" network technologies, IT budgets are increasingly being dictated by expensive circuits from telephone companies. Even worse, organizations that have adopted inflexible, costly virtual private networking (VPN) technologies have brought unprecedented levels of unpredictability into their network uptime statistics—especially in global deployment scenarios that span multiple continents and multiple internet service provider (ISP) backbones. This white paper outlines the details surrounding Avanade's implementation of a global VPN system.

Included in this document:

  • Architectural Overview

  • Firewall Basics

  • VPN Basics

  • Know Your Enemy—What Are You Defending Against?

  • Dynamic Routing: Global, High Availability VPN Systems

  • Monitoring and Management

  • References

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