Microsoft Exchange 2000 Installation and Setup

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Published: January 1, 2002

By Exchange User Education


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This Technical Paper provides technical information to help advanced Microsoft Exchange administrators and deployment experts get started with Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. This document augments the documentation and release notes on the Exchange 2000 compact disc with more information about installation and the steps that the Setup program performs during installation. This paper discusses scenarios that involve new Exchange 2000 installations, in addition to scenarios that involve integrating Exchange 2000 Server with Exchange Server version 5.5.


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Table of Contents


This section describes the goals and scope of this Technical Paper and provides information on steps to take to prepare for installation.

Detailed Installation Information

This section describes in detail the steps necessary to begin installing Exchange 2000.

Setup What Really Happens

This section describes in detail the steps Exchange 2000 setup performs.

Unattended Installations

This section describes Exchange 2000 can be installed using an unattended setup.

Troubleshooting Setup Failures

This section talks about how to isolate problems encountered during setup.

Common Setup Problems

This section talks about commonly encountered problems during setup and how to resolve them.