Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server Release Notes and Addendum

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Published: January 14, 2002

On this page, you can download the Release Notes document that shipped on the Exchange 2000 Server CD, ECSReleaseNotes.doc. Critical issues for installation and deployment are included.

You can also download the Addendum that includes information not included in the original release notes, E2KReleaseNotes_Addendum.doc.

For more information, read the Exchange 2000 Server Release Notes and Addendum or the Exchange 2000 Server Help Documentation and Release Notes, both on the Microsoft TechNet site, for a planning and installation guide, online administration documentation for your daily tasks, an Exchange Server roadmap for learning about and running Exchange 2000 Server, and information to migrate users from Lotus Notes.

Topics covered in the Release Notes include:

  • Installing Exchange Conferencing Server Using Terminal Server

  • Enabling Security-Enhanced Conferencing for Non-Windows 2000 Clients

  • Upgrading Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server from Release Candidate 2 to Final Version

Topics covered in the Addendum include:

  • Forcing an Installation of Exchange Conferencing Server

  • Key Management Server and Global Catalogs

  • Deleting a Public Folder Database Can Impact E-Mail Flow


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