Essential Windows NT System Administration

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Essential Windows NT System Administration

From the book Essential Windows NT System Administration by AEleen Frisch. (ISBN: 1565922743). Copyright ©1999 by OReilly & Associates, Inc. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.


Windows NT systems are often said to "manage themselves." This book is for those times when things don't quite work out that way, when somebody who knows what's going on needs to intervene.

Essential Windows NT System Administration helps you manage Windows NT systems as productively as possible, making the task as pleasant and satisfying as can be. It combines practical experience with technical expertise, helping you to work smarter and more efficiently. It not only covers the standard utilities offered with the Windows NT operating system, but also those from the Resource Kit, as well as important commercial and free third-party tools. It also pays particular attention to developing your own tools by writing scripts in Perl and other languages to automate common tasks.

Essential Windows NT System Administration covers:

  • How Windows NT systems boot and how to shut them down

  • User account administration, including tips for managing large numbers of accounts

  • Creating file systems, including striped and fault-tolerant file systems, and securing their contents from unauthorized access

  • Sharing file systems via the network, using Windows NT's native share facility and other facilities such as Samba and NFS

  • General and advanced network configuration, including DHCP, DNS, WINS, routing, and RAS

  • Managing printers, including local printers, network printers, and printer pools

  • Managing processes, including the Windows NT schedule service, as well as performance optimization and capacity planning

  • Securing Windows NT systems, including implementing security policies and system auditing

  • Automating system administration tasks with scripts

This book covers the workstation and server versions of Windows NT 4.0 on both Intel and Alpha processor-based systems.

About the Author

AEleen Frisch has been a system administrator for over 15 years, tending a plethora of VMS, UNIX, and Windows NT systems. Currently, she looks after a very heterogeneous network of UNIX and Windows NT systems. Her other books include Essential System Administration and Windows NT Desktop Reference (both O'Reilly & Associates) and Exploring Chemistry with Electronic Structure Methods (Gaussian, Inc.). She also writes the "NTegration" column for SunExpert magazine (discussing Windows NT from a UNIX perspective). She has degrees from Caltech and Pitt and is an MCSE.

AEleen is a third-generation native Californian, living in exile in Connecticut with her partner Mike and her cats Daphne, Lyta, Talia, and Susan. When she is not writing technical books and articles or computer programs, she divides her spare time between writing a novel, painting, and creating murder mystery games.

AEleen can be reached by email via

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