.NET Framework Service Pack 1 Now Available

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The first service pack for Microsoft® .NET Framework is now available. Service Pack 1 (SP1) includes fixes for bugs found since the release of the product, including a number of security fixes. (Microsoft Knowledge Base article 317396 provides a complete listing of all fixes in SP1).

As a general rule, staying up to date on service packs is one of the best ways to ensure that your system is secure. Service packs are planned, well-tested releases that include a large number of fixes, including security fixes. If you're up to date on your service packs, you only need to apply subsequently released security patches to be fully protected against all known security vulnerabilities.

In addition to providing bug fixes, SP1 also tightens the default security configuration to prevent even managed code that comes from the Internet Zone from running. The setting can be changed to match customers' specific needs, but represents a more secure, "locked down" starting point for users and administrators. (See Microsoft Knowledge Base article 317399 for more information on this change).