Moving the Files

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After you have created the new site collections, sites, anddocument libraries, you can use one of the following methods tocopy files onto the server:

  • Dragging files into the Explorer View of a documentlibrary

  • Creating a network place (Web folder) shortcut to the documentlibrary

  • Using a tool in another application compatible with WindowsSharePoint Services, such as the Upload Multiple Files controlprovided with Microsoft Office 2003

No matter which method you use, keep security issues in mind.Permissions settings for the files on the file server are nottransferred to the document library automatically. Decide whatlevel of permissions you want to give users in your organization inthe new document library, and set those permission levels beforeyou begin moving files into the document library. If you movedocuments into a document library that uses default securitysettings, you might be giving access to users who should not haveaccess.