Moving Windows SharePoint Services Databases

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Bryan Jeffries
Microsoft Corporation

Published: November 2003


Learn how to move the databases used by Windows SharePointServer to a different drive on the same server or to a separateserver running Microsoft SQL Server 2000. You do not need to befamiliar with Microsoft SQL Server tools to use this document.


When you install Microsoft Windows SharePointServices by using the default settings, the setup programautomatically installs Microsoft SQL Server 2000 DesktopEngine (Windows) (WMSDE) and uses it to create the databases foryour Web sites. Installing Windows SharePoint Services in this wayputs all the files, including the database, in your servercomputer's \Program Files directory by default.

You may want to move the databases that support WindowsSharePoint Services. If the drive containing the Program Filesdirectory does not have enough disk space for your databaserequirements, move the databases to another drive on your servercomputer or to a separate server running SQL Server 2000. If youwant to take advantage of the more powerful database maintenancetools provided by SQL Server 2000, you must move your databases toa server running SQL Server 2000.

You should back up your databases before moving them. Forinformation about backing up and restoring databases and Web sites,see the topics "Backing Up and Restoring Databases by Usingthe SQL Server 2000 Tools" and "Backing Up andRestoring Web Sites" in the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Administrator'sGuide .

Note: To move Microsoft WindowsSharePoint Services databases, you must be a member of the localAdministrators group on the server from which you are moving thedatabase files and on the server to which you are moving thefiles .