Creating Additional Content Databases

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Windows SharePoint Services can store site data across multiplecontent databases. The deployment by the Internet Platform andOperations group includes two SQL Server clusters, each of whichcan host a Windows SharePoint Services content database, so thisdeployment uses a second content database.

Add a content database

  1. Click Start, click All Programs, point to Administrative Tools,and then click SharePoint Central Administration.

  2. In the Virtual Server Configuration section, click Configurevirtual server settings.

  3. Click the virtual server you want to configure.

  4. In the Virtual Server Management section, click Manage contentdatabases.

  5. Click Add a content database.

  6. In the Database Information section, click Specify databaseserver settings and type the database server and the databasename.

  7. In the Database Capacity Settings section, type the values youwant to use.
    The value in the Number of sites before a warning event isgenerated box should be about 90 percent of the value in theMaximum number of sites that can be created in this database box.For more information about determining database capacity settings,see "Managing Content Databases" in the WindowsSharePoint Services Administrator's Guide.

  8. Click OK.

Note: The STSAdminAcctaccount must be a member of the DB Creation and SecurityAdministrator server roles on the SQL Server database youspecify.