Installing and Configuring HTML Transformation Service (Optional)

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The Internet Platform and Operations group installed theMicrosoft Office HTML Transformation Service to enable users toview Office documents on a computer without Office 97 or laterapplications installed. By using this service, Windows SharePointServices can transform the Office document into HTML and let theuser view the document in a browser. You can use any productivityprogram and HTML viewer service that is compatible with WindowsSharePoint Services.

For performance considerations, the Internet Platform andOperations group set up the Office HTML Transformation Service on adedicated back-end server. To install the Office HTMLTransformation Service, you need to download and install theservice from the SharePoint Products and Technologies Website. You also need access to the Office Professional Edition2003 setup files.

Install Office HTML Transformation Service

  1. Open a command prompt.

  2. Type C:\>\ Office_Professional_Setup \setup.exe transforms=\ HTML_Transformation_Service \Eng11Pro_Bypass_Ship.mst ,replacing Office_Professional_Setup with the path to theOffice 2003 Professional setup files and HTML_Transformation_Service with the path to the folder towhich you installed the Office HTML Transformation Service.

  3. In the folder you chose for the installation folder for theOffice HTML Transformation Service, double-click Htmltrbackend.msi.This installs and starts the following two services:

    • Microsoft Office 2003 HTML Viewer Load Balancing Service

    • Office HTML Viewer Service

  4. If one or both of the services do not start, do the following:

    1. Click Start, click All Programs, point to Administrative Tools,and then click Services.

    2. Right-click the service that did not start, and then clickStart.

Configure an HTML viewer server

  1. On the first front-end Web server, click Start , click All Programs , point to Administrative Tools , and thenclick SharePoint Central Administration .

  2. In the Server Configuration section, click Configure HTMLViewer.

  3. Select the Allow HTML viewing check box.

  4. In the Path to HTML Viewer server box, type the path tothe server. For this deployment, it is http://trs101.

  5. Click OK .

  6. To test the Office HTML Viewer Service, use a computer withoutOffice installed to open an Office document from your site. WindowsSharePoint Services should transform the document into HTML andrender it in the browser.