Provisioning Sites

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The final step in deploying the server farm is creating customersites. The Internet Platform and Operations group used a script(Script 3) to create each site. The following example scriptcreates a Windows SharePoint Services sitehttp:// someone in the STSBeta environmentfor user Someone , whose e-mail address is . An Active Directory accountSTSBeta\ someone is created and the login information is sentto .

(If there is already a user with the accountSTSBeta\ someone in the domain, someone1 will becreated.)

The quota template 30M is applied to the site. Instructions forcreating the quota template are in the "Creating a QuotaTemplate" section earlier in this paper.

Script 3. Created Windows SharePoint Services site.bat

Set _SITENAME=someoneset _OWNERNAME=SomeoneSet _Email=someone@example.comSet _USERDOMAIN=STSBetac:cd "\pro*\com*\mi* s*\we* se*\60\bin"stsadm.exe -o createsite -url -ownerlogin %USERDOMAIN%\%_SITENAME% -ownername "%_OWNERNAME%" -owneremail %_Email% -sitetemplate sts -quota 30M

The script can be edited to change the user name and theURL.