Server Types

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SMTP and DNS Server

The SMTP and DNS server is running Windows 2000 Advanced Serverwith Service Pack 4 (SP4) and all hotfixes or Windows Server 2003Enterprise Edition (English) with SMTP and DNS servicesconfigured.

Front-End Web Servers

Front-end Web servers are Hewlett-Packard DL380 G2 serversrunning the following software:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (English),with Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 and Microsoft ASP.NETenabled

  • Windows SharePoint Services (English)

  • Windows SharePoint Services Language Pack (German) and WindowsSharePoint Services Language Pack (Japanese)

  • Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components

  • Virus Scanner: McAfee Portal Shield 1.0 for Microsoft OfficeSharePoint Portal Server 2003 (You can use any virus scannercompatible with Windows SharePoint Services.)

Terminal Services, Debugging, and Administration Server

This server is configured the same way as the front-end Webservers, with the addition of Microsoft Visual Studio 2003.NET Enterprise Developer (English).

Backup Server

The backup server runs the following software:

  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server with Service Pack 4 (SP4) and allhotfixes or Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (English)

  • Veritas Backup Exec 8.x for Windows Servers

  • SQL Server 2000 and all service packs (version number is8.0.780)

HTML Transformation Service Server (Optional)

A dedicated server was configured to provide the HTMLtransformation service. The server was running the followingsoftware:

  • Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (English)

  • Microsoft Office 2003 HTML Viewer (English)

  • Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 (English)
    Office must be installed by using the command line and specialswitches. For details, see the "Installing and ConfiguringHTML Transformation Service (Optional)" section later in thispaper.

Active Directory Servers

Two Hewlett-Packard DL380G2 servers run Windows 2000 ServerEnterprise Edition with Service Pack 4 (SP4) and all hotfixes orWindows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (English), with ActiveDirectory and DNS services enabled.

Servers Running SQL Server

Four Hewlett-Packard DL580 servers running SQL Server areconfigured as two active/passive clusters, connected toHewlett-Packard SAN hardware. For each of these servers, thefollowing software is installed:

  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server with Service Pack 4 (SP4) and allhotfixes or Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (English)

  • Hewlett Packard SAN software and backup agent (Contact yourhardware vendor for the detailed SAN software information.)

  • SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition and all service packs(version number is 8.0.780)

  • Cluster service (Part of Windows 2000 Advanced Server orWindows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition)