Server Configuration Details

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This section provides information about the servers vital tostorage and backup/restore servers running SQL Server andthe backup tape device. For information about how other servers,such as the front-end Web servers and Active Directory servers,were configured, see Windows SharePoint Services Hosting Configuration and Experience , the first paper in thisseries. See Table 2 in the "Hardware RAID Configuration" section ofthis paper for information about the hard disk drive configurationon these servers.

The front-end Web servers Veritas backup agent software andHewlett-Packard Compaq Insight Manager software. The serversrunning SQL Server ran Hewlett-Packard SAN software and the Veritasbackup agent software. The backup server ran Veritas Backup Exec8.60 for Windows Servers.

The backup device was a Dell PowerVault 120T DLT4000 Tape Autoloader with the following specifications:

  • DLT Tape Device: Single Operation Tape Unit (Can perform onebackup or restore operations at one time, not concurrent tapeoperations)

  • Capacity: Holds 7 tape drives

  • Tape Type: DLTtape IV 40/80GB Native/Compressed