Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Network and Load Balancing Design

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Microsoft Corporation

Published: August 2003

Authors: Microsoft Office Internet Platform and OperationsWindows SharePoint Services Team


This white paper describes the way the Internet Platform andOperations group at Microsoft Office configured the networkand load balancing for a deployment of Microsoft WindowsSharePoint Services (Beta) to host customer sites. This isthe third of four papers that describe the Windows SharePointServices (Beta) hosting experience.

This white paper will briefly present the network structure andload balancing solution chosen for this Windows SharePoint Servicesdeployment. The goals of this solution were to ensure highsecurity, reliability, and availability, provide fault tolerance,and allocate enough network bandwidth for Microsoft SQLServer operations. Over an eight-month period of hostingtime, these goals were accomplished with 99 percent availability an excellent result for beta code.

The configuration and best practices outlined in this paper maybe of use to anyone deploying Windows SharePoint Services in ahosting scenario, for example, Internet service providers (ISPs)and enterprise companies.