Opened Ports for Inbound and Outbound Traffic

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In this server farm, certain servers need access to the Internetto send e-mail and resolve DNS addresses (the SMTP and DNS server)and respond to User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and HTTP requests (thefront-end Web servers). Inbound traffic requests to the Front Endnetwork go through only Port 80 and port 443, and these ports needto be open.

Port 8080 is the port configured for Windows SharePoint Servicesserver farm administration and synchronization. Port 8080 trafficis only allowed for internal communication and synchronizationacross the Front End network. Port TS 3389 is open on internalfront end and back end servers but disabled on the Internet routerand BIG-IP controllers. The Internet Platform and Operations groupaccomplished server management by using a Terminal Services sessionthat goes through one server in the edge network before connectingto the server farm to help provide a high level of security.